(Provided in conjunction with the Connecticut Council of Masâjid)

  • Daily jama’ah and jumu’ah prayers.
  • Daily (after-school) and weekend madrasah classes for children and adults.
  • Weekly halaqah (Thursday night) and family dars (Friday night).
  • Monthly community dinners with occasional guest lectures from local brothers and visiting ‘ulama (scholars).
  • Annual picnics for the Muslim community of the Hamden/New Haven area.
  • Field trips and outings for Muslim families.
  • Wedding/marriage services.
  • Funeral (janâzah) and burial arrangements. Workshops on how to perform janâzah.
  • Local moon sighting efforts.
  • Tarâweeh prayers and iftâr during Ramadân. Hâfiz arrangements for other masâjid through the Connecticut Council of Masâjid.
  • ‘Eid and qurbâni (udhiyya) arrangements.
  • IQRA monthly newsletter and Islâmic resources website (
  • Da’wah publications and programs.
  • Development and publication of resources for Islâmic school usage (Qur’ân reading Qâ’idah, book of children’s du’â, book of children’s hadîth, etc.).

For more information, please contact us.